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Seeking Asylum creators, Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott, are interviewed by "Your Morning" host Giselle Fernandez about the broken asylum system.

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"The nonfiction film Seeking Asylum... aims to enlighten audiences about the asylum petition system. It does this by documenting the many challenges political asylum seekers endure, and giving a human face to their experience."

- Brent Simon

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"The new documentary 'Seeking Asylum' recounts the endless obstacles that migrants face on the long road to request protection in the United States."

-María León

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The Spanish language article ran on over 25 Spanish language news sites including Yahoo! Notícias, Infobae, La Prensa, CDN, El Diario, La Vanguardia, and Radio America.

Rae Ceretto delivers a TEDx talk in New York City about her work as a photojournalist and her process of directing Seeking Asylum.

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