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SEEKING ASYLUM is an effective tool for educating audiences and inspiring changeWhether you are part of a University, Non-Profit, Corporation, or other group, hosting a film screening is a great way to engage with your community. With your help we can change the discourse surrounding asylum seekers and foster conversations of growth, compassion, and understanding in our world.

From licensing rights to panel discussions, we can help you arrange it all. The process is quick and easy. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us and get started.

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Screening Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!


How long is Seeking Asylum?

66 Minutes

Are there subtitles in the film?

There are English subtitles for the Spanish speaking scenes.

Spanish subtitles are available as well, please enquire with your screening submission. 

Does the film come with a discussion guide?

Yes, you can download it here.

Can the filmmakers come speak at my screening?

Yes, we are happy to come to your event and discuss the film!  Please include that in your message.

Can I use the event as a fundraiser?

Yes! You can use the screening as a fundraiser for your own organization or we are happy to connect you with a non-profit that aligns with the issues you care about.

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