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The end of Asylum as we know it





One mother’s journey to seek asylum in a system designed for failure.

Seeking Asylum is a feature documentary that bears witness to the endless deterrents migrants face when petitioning for asylum in the United States. In a dismantled system that has been designed for failure, we follow one woman’s journey as she searches for protection for her and kids. 


Many people view getting to the United States as the final hurdle of the migration journey, but we quickly learn that once in the U.S. the fight has just begun. During one of the most uncertain times in our country's history, Seeking Asylum documents the challenges asylum seekers face and shows why asylum is an integral part of the American Dream that we cannot afford to lose.

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In 2020 71.6% of asylum cases were denied in the U.S. The highest denial rate on record.



Asylum as we know it is over

Seeking Asylum documents what it means to ask for asylum in 2021 and how the policies of the U.S. government are permanently affecting the future of thousands of migrants fleeing from death and persecution. Our audience will see first hand how this system has been manipulated to discourage rather than support those who need it the most.


We have partnered with UNICEF, KIND, UNHCR, National Association for Imigration Judges and others to enact a series of campaigns that aim to change the asylum system with a multi-tiered approach (petition signing, congress, etc). In partnership with Picture Motion, we will effectively implement these changes and foster a conversation of understanding, compassion, and growth with our audience. 

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"Instead of supporting people running from harm, we have built a machine designed to psychologically break them in the hopes that they will give up and go home."

Sonia Nazario, The New York Times